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R3 Laser Alignment Systems

Magtronic Master Kit 


The R3 Magtronic master kit is the ultimate laser alignment kit for any Karter! 



The Kit contains the following: 

    •    Set of Magtronic Front Lasers.

    •    Set of Magtronic Rear Lasers.

    •    Chain Wheel Alignment Laser  ( for either 4mm or 7mm Sprocket).

    •    Set of Caster Alignment gauges.

    •    Spirit Level.

    •    Drop Arm Centre Tool

    •    Steering wheel restraint.

                                                                                                                                                                               And of course R3 Racings easy to use manual plus unrivalled build quality.

This Is available from JPD Motorsport please just get in contact with us we also provide an alignment service if you would like to get your kart sorted.

We Also stock and see all of the separate R3 laser and set up parts please if you have and questions or need any help get in contact with one of the team.